stories for joe

Baby boy. We will have so many stories to tell you about your first year of life.

I will tell you about how it was just you and me. Family had a boatload of life dumped on them. Daddy had so much crazy work to do. And it was you and me. We went everywhere together. Everyone loved you when I brought you into Daddy's work, or dragged you to the grocery store, or unloaded you at church.

Baby boy, you were held through so many tears. You had a "funeral outfit". You went to 2 funerals while you were only months old in my womb - I wore the same thing to both, because you don't have a lot of funeral outfits while pregnant. You went to 2 funerals within your first 8 months of life -you also wore the same outfit.

When I held you over a grave site yet again, I held you tighter. I don't want to think about how many times you've heard me sing the alto lines to "Amazing Grace". You've heard me sing it next to Grandma Karen, next to your Uncle Rob, next to "Uncle" Steve. I hope you don't have to hear it again for a long time.

Baby boy, when we were in a hotel, your dad and I put you on the huge king size bed and you went nuts, happy to be out of your carseat. You were so joyful and fun. We created our own, small, safe world there, just the 3 of us.

Baby boy, you flirt with every blonde woman who smiles at you. Guess Momma is going to have to darken her hair color.

Baby boy, you loved your Ferarri walker like you were born to drive. I ate the words I had told your father - that it wasn't a "necessary" item. Like all Brack men, you seemed pretty convinced you were destined for Ferraris.

Baby boy, you brought me to tears when we set you in your great grandfather's lap. You just sat with him. I've never, ever seen you so still. Not in the womb, not asleep. Were you getting a little glimpse of your lost grandfather? It's like you knew this was your only chance to get a distant piece of him. And I missed your grandfather so, so much more in that moment. More than I ever had.

Baby boy, you have changed the way I see the world.


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