A friend and I recently were talking about how everyone's parenting looks so perfect from the outside. This can make you feel pretty inadequate as a mom pretty fast. The truth is, having a small child or children is really all about survival.

I recently posted a picture on Facebook of my homemade baby food. Yes, I make 90% of Joe's food.
Hopefully this covers for
those cheesy puffs

This could lead you to believe that Joe eats a perfectly healthy and organic diet. Some times that's true. And some times, I let him self feed baby cheetos because it's the only food he will self feed. Speaking of which, how are babies born knowing how to eat baby cheetos? A mystery for sure.

Additionally, I often let Joe watch music videos when I feed him. While I feel guilty about the screen time, it makes the job about 100x easier. Joe is on the move and super squirmy. I've had veteran daycare workers ask me how I change his diaper. So being confined in a highchair often results in him acting like he is being tortured/stuck in prison forever/possessed by demons. We have watched Taylor Swift's "Shake if Off" and Megan Trainor's "All About that Bass" more times than I can count. And in the process, he has gotten all the healthy, organic, homemade baby food I have made him. We'll call it a win.
Joe is thrilled with his outfit

Joe has adorable clothes. I make him adorable outfits. I have been exercising regularly. What you aren't seeing there? Joe looks nice. I'm wearing PJs. I make him clothes... but I never put away his laundry. I have been exercising... but some times don't shower. And some times Joe gets a hold of my dirty exercise shoes or socks and eats them.

But you know what? We are happy. We are healthy. I love being a mom and count myself blessed every second of every day.

Building immunity, yes?
So be free, friend. Whether it's the dessert in your lunch, the songs you listen to in the car to and from work, the reality TV show you are hooked on, or anything else, go for it. Life is short and hard. Give yourself freedom to have fun and not be perfect.


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