What Worked: September

Happy October, everyone!

What worked in September?

-Church community: our small group re-launched for it's fall session. We never really took a break, but there's something nice about a fall kick off
This study is great!

-Women's Bible study: this fall, I joined our women's Bible study at church. I've participated 2 other
times and it's always a blessing. Plus, it's a great break for me mid-week, and gives Robert a designated night home with Joe... if he can make it home (I have a back-up sitter if he can't!)

-Giving up on the house hunt: No really, this was huge. We decided to build, which I had (or have?) mixed feelings about. But I do NOT have mixed feelings about giving up the house hunt. It was a lot of extra stress to search for houses and to find times that worked for everyone. Between Robert's work schedule, Joe being a baby, and our {kind} realtors' schedule, this was no small task. I am happy to put it all behind us.

This is not Joe, but I bet he looks even cuter in his
-Sleepers on sleepers: Joe has gotten his parents' cold-ness. Robert and I are always cold and Joe seems to be the same way. After a few night wakings, I've done my best to bundle that baby up. We've gotten some sturdy sleepers that we put under fleece sleep sacks or under Joe's ridiculous blanket sleep sack. And while Robert makes fun of me for buying this, it works, and it's only going to get colder. 

-Old habits: I dusted the cobwebs off the elliptical and popped in some Jillian Michael's DVDs! While I miss my abilities to work out like I could before pregnancy crippled ruined kicked my butt changed me, it feels good to be back at it

-2 naps a day: Oh friends. The joy of Joe napping once in the morning and once in the afternoon is so profound. We have some consistency and so much more time to do things since we don't have to break up the day around 3 naps. And he tends to sleep longer for his 2 naps than he ever did for any naps, ever. PRAISE JESUS.


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