Friday Favorites

What's not to love about some great finds?

1. Caslon Capris (from Nordstrom) - I bought these at the half yearly sale. I've been looking for a lightweight, khaki colored capri for a long time. I LOVE THESE CAPRIS. I'm sort of waiting for the girls at work to have an intervention to make me stop wearing them every time we do not have patients. I promise I wash them.

2. Mama Selita's Hot Sauce (Red Gold) - I love ketchup as it is. It may be the only redneck thing about me. I won't even eat certain foods without ketchup. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Paulynn, for not only getting me hooked on this, but for being my current supplier. I've put this on burgers, fries, BBQ chicken, and so many other things, and it's delicious.

3. Ticket to Ride (Board Game) - Mandy and Steve had us play this with them last weekend. SO FUN. I can't wait to play it again.

4. Niece and Nephew - The way Abram is so funny now that he's a little boy and not just a toddler (and asks you for a "surprise", aka present, when he sees you). And the way Jane let me hold her and laughed and smiled with me (until Uncle Robert got too close, but she's warming up to him).

5. Quote: "Chrissy, I give you permission to start answering the phone, 'Burger King Medicine - have it your way.' " My office manager, about how patients have been a royal pain in the neck this week.


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