It's been...

...weird? Here's our life update.

We are still moving to Indianapolis. We were originally moving the end of July/early August, but they haven't found Robert's replacement yet. So now we are waiting for SWC to hire someone down here before they move us up to Indy.

Because of this, I have not quit my job. Which means there is a chance that I may actually be in TN longer to train my replacement, since the office doesn't even know they need to be hiring.

Our landlord (St. Neil, Patron Saint of Really Worried Tenants Who Don't Want to be Homeless) agreed to let us go month to month when our lease is up in August. Which means we won't be homeless if SWC doesn't move us back by August.

Our house is on the market, and we've actually found the house(s) we'd like to buy if ours sells. If ours does not sell, we're moving back into it until it does. We won't really move in or unpack, just hang out with most of our stuff in storage and make Otis scrub up to walk around (just kidding). I have a really good blog post about why I want to move back into that home, but it'll have to be later.

So? I am feeling slightly less homeless. We have a place to live until we leave and a place to live when we back to Indy, even if it's not ideal. I'm still feeling a little soon-to-be-unemployed, because I can't even begin looking for jobs since I don't know where I'll be or when. Robert keeps telling me to chill out, and I know he's right.

Also, my co-worker who had MRSA is getting better. And hopefully none of us got it.


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