Cupcake Class!

I took my very first (cup)cake decorating class yesterday! There was a Groupon for a class through Faboo Cakes, so I snatched it up and signed up for their "adult" cupcake decorating class.

Adult, btw, means that... 1. no kids are allowed in the class 2. one of the cupcakes is a cocktail theme 3. you can bring your own alcohol to drink during class. Totally genius, right?

I am art-challenged to begin with, and I hate taking all the time and effort to make something taste amazing only to have to spend more time and effort to make it look... pretty. I mean, I will smooth out the frosting and throw on some sprinkles, but don't expect anything more than that.

The lighting wasn't great for pictures, so sorry that they aren't the best.

<--- These are my first ever rose-tipped frosted cupcakes. Not too bad, huh?

This class was perfect for my first decorating class. The women who own Faboo are sisters, and they are as honest, hilarious and helpful as possible. They not only walked us through our cupcakes, but they had tons of little helpful tricks, tips, and suggestions for us. The two hour class flew by, and I got more than my money's worth out of it! If they have a new class (they rotate seasonally with themes) that interests me before we move, I may sneak another one in. They provided everything we needed and we got to take all of our cupcakes home.

This was my "prepped" margarita cupcake dessert. It's a vanilla cupcake with key time and tequila frosting (which was delicious). This was the base....

This shows off my (adorable) lime wedge. It was made of fondant, and though I hate fondant, they converted me. This was the "best tasting" fondant I've had, meaning it wasn't nasty, and I learned a lot about how to work with a substance that I have always found intimidating (and gross tasting).
This is my finished dessert. Pretty cute, huh?
Makes me want to go somewhere tropical.

Then, we did some basic fondant work to make pretty, girly cupcakes...
Our all-female class voted overwhelming to do flowers and butterflies. Adorable. Mandy may actually get some help from me for Jane's 2nd birthday next year.

And finally, my pride and joy...
PIGS!!!! I made PIGS!!! Adorable, pink, cartoon-ish, beautiful PIGS. They were my favorite!


  1. That's awesome and hilarious. Good for you!

  2. I love the pigs!! Those are adorable! I am a little jealous, I wanna go to a cup cake class now :)


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