New things, summer love, Diet Coke

Ah, summer. I love heat. Heat heat heat. Robert makes fun of because it's 100 degrees outside, and I was almost in tears last night when my heating pad stopped working. My feet get cold when we watch TV, okay? And I don't like socks in the summer, so don't even try.

Apparently, Otis is on board with summer, too. I let him out the other day and he found himself a patch of sun to love. Our otherwise boring dog began to roll and play in the sunshine with great enthusiasm (which, if you do not know Otis, is more than he generally does in a week). He started to doze off (of course) so I called him back inside... Or I'll forget about him. Because I'm a really good doggie momma. I know these pictures aren't the best, but I had to try to capture some of the pure joy that was his happy little doggie moment.

Our life update: No moving date. No changes. Maybe September? No houses sold or purchased. Really, nothing. Now we are in the that horrible stage where things start happening "back home" that we cannot justify really making a trip for and have to say, "Well, after we move, we'll go to the next one". At the same time, we back-off our activities here, don't start anything new and can't plan anything because we most likely will not be here.

In a word, is it BORING.
I'm working on my patience.

New things to love?
Kroger's sale on General Mills cereal down here. Buy 4 GM products, get $6 off your order. Lots of Kix (my morning staple) will be purchased. I also tried Nature Valley Granola Thins with Dark Chocolate as one of my items (I had a coupon, too)... and they are...
delicious. As evidenced by the wrapper.

I am still successfully losing weight, tracking everything I eat on and exercising... a lot. Diet Coke, VitaminWater Zero, and finding little treats like the above granola bars have been my lifeline. I'm having to cut back on the Diet Coke, though, as recently I've had some trouble sleeping. The focus helps me with my boredom, I'm feeling great, and I'm winning my diet argument with my co-worker (she'll try everything but diet and exercise to lose weight, that's all I'm doing). So, yes, I am losing weight because I am bored and to prove someone wrong. I know, it's sort of sick.

Well, I'm going back to twitching at my desk while I try not to think about Diet Coke. Hope you are enjoying your summer!


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