But I wasn't bored!

For real. I had, like, 18 hours of blissful peace between not having to work and not having anything to do move related and... BAM.

There I am, driving happily on my way to try on a bridesmaid dress, and my car starts overheating. I pull over, call Robert and... my radiator is shot. Green fluid is EVERYWHERE. My car isn't going anywhere.

Rescuing Phineas, my car.

For those of you not familiar with Nashville, let me tell you something. There are LOVELY parts of this city. But to get to any nice part of the city, 90% of your non-highway drive will be through the ghetto. So, on my way to one of the nicest shopping districts in Nashville, I get stuck in the 'hood.

I thought, "I KNEW heels and short skirt were a bad idea. 'What could possibly go wrong?' Silly me". In my defense, it was probably close to 100 degrees out the skirt and heeled sandals were cool and comfortable, and I looked adorable.
My outfit, in my moment of trusting ignorance.

Luckily, even though Robert's truck was in the shop, he had a co-worker taking him out for lunch and they rescued me. I wandered around the local "Family Dollar" to cool off while I waited. Even luckier, I had a library book in my car that I could read while we waited at the office for him to finish his work day and eventually meet the tow truck. Robert reminded me of how the clutch went out in the Boxster right after I drove it (NOT my fault) and the same time we had to move to Nashville, and asked if I was going to make a habit of getting our cars to need repairs when we have to move. I reminded him that maintaining our cars beats buying a new one the week we move, though I'd be happy to go and pick up a nice Mercedes if he didn't want to fix my Honda.

We drove home in the work van. If you know anything about my husband's and mine normal vehicle situation (like, how at any given moment we have several), it's very funny to think we have zero working vehicles. And have to move next week.

I plan on spending my day "stuck at home" working out, baking, and doing some light cleaning. All in all, it could be worse.

Never a dull moment :).


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