Let These Weeks Be Fast

An inpatient prayer from an inpatient girl.
Lord, please, let these weeks be fast.
Let them go by quickly. The in between is so... uncomfortable. It's like finishing the last few slices of bread in the loaf. They are stale, but not so stale or moldy to warrant wasting, so we wait a few more days to buy a new loaf... And choke down the half stale stuff.
Lord, please, let these weeks be fast.
We have a tentative moving date! August 31, which happens to be my sister's birthday. I sense celebration cake will be in order after I unpack my pans :). We are *hoping* to have the movers pack us the 29 and 30 and do the move/unloading in Indy on the 31st.

My exit from work should be smooth, though I'll be sad to go. We have one more moving company to interview, but we think we know who we are using. We sort of have a moving plan, which is a plan that is a million times better and more flexible than the plan we had moving here.

We are very happy, despite the stress of moving, to be coming home. When we last visited, my sister told me that Abram woke up the day after we left, asking where we, Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Robert, were. She told him that we had to go home. He told her, "I miss them. We go and get them." Melts. my. heart. Little does he know, Aunt Chrissy always has Oreos stashed somewhere and her house will always be open to him and Jane.
Please, Lord, let these weeks be fast.


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