I've taken to drinking

Just kidding. There's a good story.

Our moving progress is actually going really well. But there's one tiny problem.

I can't sleep.
I love sleeping. Robert can tell you how vicious I get when you try to take my sleep away from me. Don't try, just let me sleep. I don't need 13 hours, just a solid 7.5 - 8 hours and I'm happy. When I don't get enough sleep, I tend to have a nap-deprived-Jane-like-meltdown. I am very grateful that by some MIRACLE, I have managed only to be slightly cranky in my sleep deprived state and not, for example, had to go to the ER with a panic attack. So it could be worse.

At first, I thought it was the break-in. Then, the dog's breathing at night. Then, I thought it was events that broke up our normal schedule. At this point, I've stopped caring. People keep telling me it's just "the stress", but I've felt a lot more stressed before and zonked out like a vampire at sunrise. It could be the stress, and it probably is, but it still seems unfair.

I was talking to my friend (who happens to by a PhD. psychologist) about this problem, more in passing than anything. She suggested I take a melatonin and have a glass of wine. That's right -- that my was Rx. Having friends who are doctors is great.

So, I stopped by the liquor and wine store yesterday (they don't sell wine in the grocery stores here in TN) to get a bottle. And I found this.

Where, oh where, have you been all my life?

We all know Mandy (and Andrew, if he reads this) is laughing her (his) pants off right now.

There's a whole line of "Middle Sister" wines, but the "Drama Queen Pinot Grigio" seemed too good to pass up (and yes, pinto grigio is usually my favorite white, so very fitting). I missed my calling, people, I should have thought of this a long time ago.

So, I drank maybe 3/4 of a glass of this and took 10mg of melatonin last night. I slept better -- not great, but certainly better than I have been. As for the wine? It was pretty good. Not the most amazing pinto grigio I've had, but it had a great, refreshing flavor. I'll drink another glass tonight. I can't wait to try the others :).


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