what's working: april

-Cartwheel Target App
Do you live at Target? We do. This app has special offers & coupons. PLUS you can scan stuff in-store and see if there are deals.

-Reading on the Kindle
I finally started using the gift R gave me for Christmas. I love it! It's way easier to manage than a paper book when I'm nursing or pumping and it makes the time go fast. What am I reading? Jen Hatmaker's Step Out of the Spin Cycle and I am Livia

-Facebook garage sale groups
I buy everything for Joe on these. Baby stuff, clothes, etc. all for dirt cheap and it's barely used.

-car seat swaddle
What did I buy that was super useful on these sites? SWADDLES. Joe loves to be swaddled and he is getting too long for his newborn ones. I found some bigger ones for $2/each and they can be used in a car seat!! BONUS. They are very thin and keep him warm (I know you all are like "PUTTING STUFF IN THE CARSEAT ISN'T SAFE. I assure you this is thinner than a sweatshirt would be for him). They help him stay calm because he can't scratch himself when he gets cranky.

-White noise
I'm working on getting Joe to sleep faster and better, especially for naps. The white noise app on my phone is like an "off" switch. I hit it, he stops crying and his eyes stop drooping. IT'S AMAZING. I don't even have to leave it on... I slowly turn it down and Joe stays asleep. In the car when he gets cranky we roll down the window. Because we are awesome parents.

-Getting dressed
Getting Joe dressed everyday has really helped me and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the cute baby outfits. But we have moved away from sleepers 24-7 and into clothes. What am I wearing? Besides yoga pants and nursing tanks... not much. I did just buy an awesome pair of jeans at Target (see above) that are way comfy and forgiving post partum and cost $30. Thank you Denizen by Levi for $30 skinny jeans.

-Seeing my husband
In case you didn't know, Robert changed jobs in January, right before Joe was born. And by changed jobs I mean started a new company with his dad & a business partner. This has made for a ton of work for him. Then Joe was born, making a ton of work for me. I feel like the last couple of weeks we've actually managed to cross paths a bit more. It's nice to feel like I am still married underneath all this craziness that is our current season of life.

-No vomit April
My big goal for April was not to vomit. I caught a stomach bug at the end of March, which combined with my pregnancy meant that I had thrown up every month since last June. What a sweet relief not to scrub projectile vomit off our bathroom for the first time in ages.


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