what's working: may

-We found the golden goose of parenthood: the perfect babysitter. You want to know what's working for us? THAT. She adores Joe. Her parents drive her one way. She is polite and perfect. I basically want her to move in. Bonus? Her sister cuts our lawn and loves our dog.

-Accepting help. This is hard for me, super type A, super I always have it together. But it's a necessary reality in my life that I need weekly, some time daily help

-Daddy time. Robert coming home at a decent hour and spending time with Joe. Robert taking Joe when he wakes before 7am (he's getting ready for work anyway). Robert taking Joe on errands on the weekend. I have mad respect for single parents. I don't know how they do it.

-Formula. I know. Super controversial. But we now do what's called "combo feeding" (where you both breastfeed, pump, and give formula) and it's saved my mind and kept us breastfeeding when I was ready to give up. Plus, Joe has gained more weight, sleeps better, and is a much happier baby. It's not for everyone, but it's for us. There is no shame in a healthy baby and sane momma.

-She Reads Truth. These devotionals have been really challenging and beautiful. It's hard to think I struggle to read the few paragraphs and chapters of Scripture, but it's always good when I do.

-Re-watching 30 Rock while nursing. There's only so much HGTV and Real Housewives I can take. Tina Fey is a genius.


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