Just another Tuesday?

My office manager is in a mood today/this week/last week. It's not my fault she and her boyfriend broke up for the fifth time. He was a loser, anyway. That's why you broke up with him the previous 4 times.

Here are the great convos:
"Can't you move up any yearly exams to this week?"
(think about it -- they yearly-- which means that date is... yearly)
Her: Where are the old collections boxes?
Me: With the other collections boxes?
Her: Can you check the other old files? And call and see if [the person that used to have your job] knows where they are?
Me: Sure. Are you sure they weren't with the boxes sent to storage? The ones from the closet?
Her: No. No charts where in there.
Later - after looking through all new and old charts...
Me: She said they were in a box with the other collections charts in your office.
Her: She is LYING. They are NOT THERE. Maybe she doesn't know where they are, but that isn't true. (starts slamming open and digging through cabinets that I had, just in front of her, dug through).
Me: She said the really old ones were in the extra closet. Are you sure they weren't sent to storage?
Her: Well, there is a chance. There were file boxes in there?
Me:Uh, you are the one who cleaned it out and sent the stuff to storage. I didn't see what you sent.
Her: I guess we'll check storage.
Her: Why didn't you schedule [that one patient] for Thursday instead of next week?
Me: She couldn't come on Thursday?
Her: Yeah, I probably only eat 1000 calories a day.
Her: I wouldn't have broken up with him, but he said didn't want any more kids, for sure.
Me: Well, at least he was honest.
Her: Even if he said I could have a kid with a sperm donor, or maybe he'd re-visit the idea in a few years, I'd be willing to stay. But just no? Never?
Me: Do you really want to wait a few years for him to only tell you, again, he doesn't want more kids?
Her: It just killed all my hope for the relationship, you know? (this is like, the millionth time they have had that exact conversation)
This was pre-break-up with the loser boyfriend...
Her: Guess what? I got [his son] to stop saying, "That's gay" and "Don't be gay".
Me: Well, that's good.
Her: Yeah, now [all the kids] just say, "don't be a pube" or "you're a pube".
Me: That's disgusting. And if my 13 or 16 year old said it, I'd kill them.
Her: It's just a joke. They all think it's funny. (she was obviously proud of this accomplishment)

So there you go.
And people think I'm crazy.


  1. I now why her boyfriend doesn't want kids. He is doing a public service by keeping her genes out of the gene pool. What a good guy.


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