You May Say I Have a Problem...

and my husband would probably agree with you.

Alas, this week has been full. of. baking.

I made our weekly cookies on Sunday (like normal). I did chocolate cookies with white chips. Not only are these Robert's favorite, by they are my nod to the Indy 500 - black and white cookies (like the flag. get it?!).

On Monday, Robert asked for some cookies to take to his friends at the car dealership that majorly helped him out with getting his truck fixed post-accident... so I made my peanut butter cookies, too! They turned out beautifully. Not to brag, but they were gorgeous.

Tuesday, I made a birthday cake for the doctor at my office. His birthday is on Thursday. I got up early on Wednesday to ice it and cut the strawberries for the top.The cake is a white cake with a light almond flavor topped with a simple vanilla icing. It is incredibly minimal work for how good it is.
The strawberries (his request) are simple, seasonal, fun way to make it special.

Wednesday, I got home from work and made 2 loafs of banana bread and a poppy seed cake. I fought all week to get these bananas to ripen. After days in a brown paper bag with an apple, in my car to get warm during the day, they finally made the cut to be over-ripe for bread.

They are baking away!

The cake will hopefully turn out. The eggs whites whipped to perfection, which is always a nice start. I always make the icing too thin, though, so we'll have to see. I guess the answer to that is more icing, right?

The cake is chillin' like a villain for it's turn to be baked... I really need double ovens.

And in case you were wondering (because you may have heard that I'm trying lose weight), I have still lost 5lbs in 2 weeks, so yes, I can live in a house of baked goods and exercise some form of self-control. Or eat nothing besides cookies for dinner.


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