This is my Saturday

We have been battling a mouse. I hope it is singular, a mouse, and not plural, mice.

We live in the middle of farm fields, so it's to be expected. For some reason, the mouse decided that burrowing under the bathroom vanity was a good location. Probably because it could use my fallen hairs to make a nest. We have been keeping the bathroom door shut so that we can trap it.

Around 8:30am I was reading in bed and start to hear it scampering around the bathroom. Avoiding the traps. Chewing at the door. Running around some more. So I wake up Robert.

If you know anything about my husband, you know that you DO NOT WAKE ROBERT up on Saturday mornings. But it was driving me nuts.

Robert went in after it to no avail. The mouse continued to eat away at the door frame. Robert decided to out smart it so that our landlord would not get mad when the bathroom door frame was missing when we moved out (whoops?).

After some pretty stealthy hunter moves, Robert trapped the mouse, stuck with a glue trap on it's back, in a spare trash can.

The mouse's head it peaking up toward the upper left corner of the trap here:

Then he decided to kill it. He went out to the porch to take care it like any good redneck person would, but the mouse could run away with the trap on it's back. Until it got stuck wedged between the gutter and the house. It was actually very comical scene to watch it running around with the trap until it stuck and to see Robert chasing after it with a bee-bee gun.

This is how the poor creature eventually met it's end...

By the way, Otis showed absolutely NO INTEREST in the mouse when we tried to show it to him. He was unhappy about the early commotion as well. He's sleeping now to make up for it.

Just another early Saturday morning. No big deal. Just another mess to clean up (and trust me, I scrubbed). I hope that's the end of them.


  1. Do you remember the time Peppermint decided to feast on a mouse stuck in a glue trap? Not only did I have the mess from the mouse to clean up, but I had to unstick the mouse and the glue trap from Peppermint. No wait...I would have never have done that. Surely your dad cleaned the cat up! I hope that is the last of the mice for you, but I have to warn you, they usually come in pairs!


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