Here we are!

+ We have moved! We are so thankful everyday that we found a home we truly love. We wake up everyday thinking, "We really get to live here?"

+ Otis has done well adjusting. I need to write a post about how funny he has been lately. He is definitely the king of our castle (read: spoiled-rotten-dog).

+I have been really sick. Not like, the sniffles sick. Not like, just this week sick. Like, on steroids to BREATHE sick. I have a follow-up appointment today and I'm hoping for good news. Being sick has made me so tired. My energy level is at about 50%, all the time. This has led me to understand several new things, including that dust on the floor won't offend anyone, it's ok not to shower everyday, we can just leave the clean laundry in the basket and grab it as we need it, and there is nothing like watching TV for hours on end when you feel terrible. Take that, Type A Me.

+Art! I just finished reading "The Butterfly Mosque" and "The Historian". I give both books high recommendations. "The Butterfly Mosque" is about an American woman who grew up atheist and converted to Islam. It's a great memoir, I learned a ton, and I think it deals with the questions of faith we all [should] struggle with, whether or not you agree with her conclusion. "The Historian" is a great read, and I appreciate the history, the journey, the characters in the book. It's quite a beautiful read. We watched "The Company Men" the other weekend. It's not a film I heard a lot about, but I liked it (other than you had to deal with a lot of Ben Afflick and a suicide). I thought it was thought-provoking, not over-done, and I hated the ending. That's the sign of a good movie, right?

+Jane's birthday. Jane weaseled her way into Uncle Robert's heart after we moved back to Indianapolis. She has a special "Uncle Robert voice" and snuggles with him and just adores him. Mysteriously, our budget for Jane's birthday gift doubled this year. Let's just say Princess Jane is getting a nice gift that her aunt had way too much fun shopping for. Little girls' stuff is awesome.


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