Our networked lives

People ask me still how I feel about moving back to Indianapolis.
UM... amazing?!?!

I joke with a friend of mine that the work world of our husbands is beyond incestuous. They have worked with everyone in their field at some company at some point in time (it seems). There isn't a competitor or vendor they work with that they don't know someone on the team from personal experience and have worked with forever. And they constantly all switch and cross between companies and specialties.

That is what my whole life is like here, which is amazing, because I've only lived in Indianapolis since February of 2008.

Which leads us to the incestuous furniture swap. The perfect example of our life here.

Our old washer and dryer were a gift from the above mentioned friends, one of whom used to be Robert's roommate. When we bought our house and got new ones, we "payed it forward" by giving them to Robert's sister and her husband (an old friend of mine). Their old washer and dryer were my sister and her husband's, which I think went on to be a blessing to someone else. The same sister & brother-in-law recently gave us a king guest bed in return (which also used to be my sister's), and we used our truck to help them pick up their new queen set. The same weekend we did the mattress buying and moving, we got some couches that my sister and her husband don't have use for anymore. They fit nicely on the first floor, while my parent's old furniture fills our upstairs bonus room. In return, my sister and her husband have a lifetime of free baby-sitting.

Confused yet? We are, it's okay. It's the incestuous furniture swap.

And now, when I look in our new home (that we had no a chance of filling with what possessions we had), I see so many great connections and blessings. Our house isn't really set up yet, but is haphazardly filled with photos, hand-painted pictures, hand-crafted art, and mementos of our family and friends.

And as I take it all in, it is what makes our beautiful new house our home.
[which you should totally come over for dinner to see some time]


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