So this is fun

Yes, we are sick again. I don't know how this is even possible. Cold. Respiratory infection. Stomach bug. There has to be an end in sight. It has to stop at some point, right?

Well, I could go on and on about how frustrated I am with my current state of health, but that's really not very exciting. I will tell you this started on Sunday, when we were watching Abram and Jane and Abram suddenly looked at us and went, "My tummy hurts." All I could think was, "Me, too, kiddo."

Our front hall and new house has now officially been broken in with some vomit in the front hall. That kid has aim, I tell you. Not a splash landed on the carpet. All on the hardwood floor, some on a rug (which I could easily wash). Not bad, right? Aunt Chrissy was not far behind, but I was equipped with a bucket, so the house was safe.

So, I will spare you with the rest of the details and leave you with some adorableness from our time with them.
Abram loves Uncle Robert's tablet. He knows he's allowed to play on it if he asks (nicely, correctly). So the first thing he does when he comes to our house is say, "I want Angry Birds." (which, for the record is not the correct way to ask) We are not certain where this obsession came from, but he loves it. As you can see here, this was before we were sick.

This is Jane, in her birthday tutu. Yes, I got her a tutu (and shoes, and a shirt) for her birthday. I could not walk away from it. It's so stinkin' cute, and it whooshes around when she walks. I'm so glad Mandy's second one was a girl. I wouldn't trade Abram for a dozen girls, but I'm so glad we have some girly-girl-glam going on.
More tutu love. And the every-present Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Because if you've spent any time with Jane, you will understand that "MOUSE" must be played at. all. times. And this little girl starts whining for more the minute Mickey and his crew start their wrap-up dance. That brown blob to her right is Otis, who is quite fond and protective of the children.

I'm going to sleep now. Here's to a health February.


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