To start off with, we took the boat out for the first time this year over the weekend. It was really nice. It was ridiculously hot, sunny, and the lake was huge and beautiful (see, TN? Some times I don't make fun of you!). Robert taught me how to water ski, and it was so fun! I felt like such a hot-shot when I got up (after not too many tries) and skied around.

As a result of my new found love of water skiing, I can't move today. Well, that's not accurate. My arms, shoulders, upper back and neck are really, really sore. I feel about a million years old (or like Robert probably feels on a daily basis... love you, honey). Good thing I got in a work-out (and the house cleaned) yesterday before all this kicked-in, because I doubt it's gonna happen today.

Oh yeah, and if didn't read Robert's Facebook post... we destroyed half of the boat and ran out of gas in the one outing. Isn't that how you know you had fun / are a Brack?

Thanks to Sparkpeople.com and my determination to show my office manager that my way of losing weight is way better than her fad diets, I have successfully lost 6 pounds in about a month. We are going to see if we can make it an even 10 by the end of June. I don't want y'all thinking I just sat around TN and got fat ;)... though I kind of did. Kind of, but not really.

In other news, I probably will quit my job this week. I keep trying to think of how to do it. What to say. What it means. The main reason I don't want to quit is because I don't want to admit that all this change is on the horizon... or look for another job. The head-in-the-sand tactic seems very appealing. However, it's really time. I'm thinking some cupcakes are in order to soften the blow (though it will be at risk of getting them thrown at me). And then beings the slowly piecing together my resume and looking for a new job. Slowly being the key word. At least I have more time than last time.

Now, what type of cupcakes are both very yummy and will not stain my clothes...?


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