Some Friends...

...Are the best.

Last night, I got to hang out with the lovely Nicole Dumas. We haven't seen each other since Bridget's wedding August. We live, like, super far apart. Our lives aren't really connected. But she can show up in Nashville for a conference, and we can hang out for hours like it's nothing.

I love friends like that. Friends you don't have to try with, people who just get you, people who you will always have something in common with because you just do. Take my friend, Jen. We both moved in the past year. We see each other, um, like 1/100 of the time we used to. But when I see her, I feel like nothing has changed. How lucky am I to have people like that?

Nicole and I talked about our past years, and the year or two to come. There will be (as she would say) so much life we are going to encounter.

We will share walking Jamie Dolan down the aisle when it's her special day (because you are totally going to let us do that, right, Pipes?).
We will move to new houses, think about having children and grow in our marriages.
Together we will fear getting super fat after having children.
We will watch Cruz Eliasen grow into a total heart-breaker (yes, Becca, we had a conversation about how cute your son is and how he will break more hearts that Justin Bieber).

We will both find God where we are at, and find the Grace he puts into each our lives is truly, truly amazing.

How lucky are we?


  1. Tears in my eyes, Chrissy. Isn't it amazing how everything can change and yet stay the same? Ain't nothing like a Safe Space!

  2. Chrissy the whole safe space will walk me down. And come on the honeymoon. Since I'm marrying my best friend Lauren it seems only fitting to have all the ladies I love with me.


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