Just call the police.

I have called the police a few times in my life. It feels weird every time.

I came back from my dental work today, ate some soup, and transferred our phone lines back so I could continue on my work day. A normal Tuesday, right?

About 15 minutes later, one of the girls that works next door came rushing in, crying, shaking, freaking out. She claimed her boss had grabbed her, slapped her, slammed her into a door and she asked me to call the police. I did as she asked (what else was I going to do?) and tried to calm her down until the cops showed up. And I thought the difficult part of my day was going to be going to the dentist.

Other people tell me, "I wish interesting things happened to me."
I say, "No, you don't. But if you get what you wish for, just pray you don't panic under pressure. If you freeze up, all is lost."

Calm, quick reflexes. Hopefully that skill will come in handy if I'm ever a Mom.

Anyway, the officer (who was quite kind and helpful) privately interviewed me just a little. I was still numb from the temporary crown, so I felt like I was drooling and probably sounded like I had a major speech impediment the whole time I spoke with him. Nice, huh?

Now, as I'm regaining feeling in my mouth, I'm just hoping that this day doesn't get any weirder. I should have known that when Otis (who HATES to be in bed with us) had to sleep/seek comfort with us this morning at 4am when the thunder scared him that it was an omen for an odd day.

I should have known.


  1. I'm so glad you could be there for your co-worker. She needed compassion at that moment.


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