Good, I was bored.

Yup. My life just wasn't exciting enough recently, so I decided to go to the dentist today. I've been having jaw-shattering pain when biting on my left side, so I thought maybe I should have this looked at. I convinced myself the filling just needed to be replaced. I mean, it's not like I have anything else going on, so why would something else difficult happen, right?

They poke. They prod. I bite. I bite in other places. We find the source of the pain (ouch).
"Yup, that's it." The dentist said, "Number 19."
"Got it." The assistant said. "Want to start pre-authorizing?"
"Sure, it's just a crown. We can start today, or..."
"HOLD UP."I interrupt like a crazy person. "Are you for real? I need a crown?"

I kid you not, those were my exact words. Nice, huh?

That's right. I thought I had the best teeth ever, because at 25, my mother had to have her first crown. Same with my sister. 25 came and went, and I thanked my teeth for holding out. Then I turned 26, and 3 months later...

The best part? Because we live in TN, and R's company is based in Indiana, we have no dental providers contracted with our insurance in state. (Don't even get me started on the subject, because I get really, really angry) I'm not talking about our city, county, whatever. The whole state of Tennessee is apparently a black hole for our dental insurance. So anything they charge above the "allowed amount" is passed on to yours truly.

I begged the dentist to let me wait until August. He laughed at me. And advised against it.

So... I think it's time for a poll! Would you...
(a) chance it and wait until August, when I'll be in Indy and not have to pay as much out of pocket? And hope you don't end up needing a root canal?
(b) cough up the money and get it done locally?
(c) take off of work and drive to Indianapolis twice to get the stupid thing done at the "contracted price?"
(d) just do a *head to desk* and hope some Pinot Grigio magically appears?

Chrissy's answer: d


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