Fall baking!

It begins. The second week of October... fall baking may now commence!

Poor Robert. He doesn't like pumpkin. So, to ease his pumpkin pain, I made him these brownies...

Hershey's chocolate brownies with a cream cheese frosting. I don't care for cream cheese frosting, so they are his special brownies. That I told him he should take them into work to share, because he really doesn't need a whole pan. He eyed me suspiciously at this comment.

Since I love pumpkin but the husband does not, I try to only make the goodies when I can share them. For our small group tonight, I made pumpkin cupcakes. I used this recipe: http://www.joyofbaking.com/cupcakes/PumpkinCupcakes.html. I thought they were a really good balance of sweet and savory and spice. I used the same above Halloween colored cream cheese frosting for half of them (the recipe makes about 12-14 smaller cupcakes).

I tried using my basic buttercream for the others, since I wanted something I would enjoy and could pipe. It really overwhelmed the cupcake and I felt the pumpkin was lost. So, I scraped it off and started anew with a glaze. The best part of frosting a cupcake is that it isn't permanent. I left a very thin crumb layer on as to not destroy the cupcake. Then I whipped up a simple glaze and added a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg. So much better!

Though I couldn't use a pastry bag and tip to pipe in the glaze to make it pretty, it will probably taste much better. The glaze also ran down the sides, so I am sure it'll be divine. I did a swirl with the cream cheese frosting and decorated using mini chocolate chips and candy corn. On the glaze are more mini chips and some festive sprinkles.

Happy fall, everyone!


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