Too many cooking shows

So, when you have nothing to do all day, you get a little too fixated on Top Chef Just Desserts.
Just sayin'.

Rob & Leah are going to Kansas to visit Miriam, and I've been meaning to send her treats FOREVR. I figured this out about an hour before Rob was stopping by our house to pick something up.

And Top Chef Chrissy began instantly. My challenge was to create a variety of treats with only what I had in the house, and to be done in an hour. Oh, and to possibly have some leftovers for our guests on Saturday.

Treat #1
My recipe inspiration was from I say inspiration, because I did alter a few things.

While these babies cooled in the chilly garage, I started my snickerdoodles and fall candy bark at the same time.
Treat #2
I successfully baked 2 dozen snickerdoodles (freezing the rest for future use)...

Treat #3
And whipped up a festive batch of this goodness...

Again, it was inspired by, as mine had snickers, rolos and pretzels instead of these ingredients. My photo didn't turn out. Also, the in between cooling phases of the bark allowed for snickerdoodle time.

I won my own Top Chef competition. Rob even commented on how my kitchen appeared very clean, especially since I had just done whirlwind treat making.

That was part of the competition, of course. You get points deducted for making a huge mess. At least, in my competition you do :).


  1. Now that sounds like fun :) Although I would probably not do so well with the clean kitchen part of it!!


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